Women Power In U.S Politics 2016 November 07 2016

Politician, Secretary of state, Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton
Physician, Activist, Politician & Green Party Nominee Dr. Jill Stein 
Attorney General Kamala Harris running for US CA Senate 
Representative Loretta Sanchez running for US CA Senate 
We are thrilled to see so many strong women taking part of the United States 2016 political elections. These women are running for president, congress, the senate, and ultimately fighting to change the world and the roles that were once only allowed to be occupied by men. It is the revolution of women and the time to get up, stand up, and fight for what we are passionate about, no matter who tells us we can't. The Laila Jayde team is truly inspired and proud to be made up of an all woman design team, but we do have a diverse work force made up of both men and woman, which play a major factor and are the lifeline of our American Made company.
Check out the movement #stateofwomen for more information on how they are empowering the future women leaders of the United States and the world.
Make Sure YOU VOTE Tuesday November 8, 2016